Book Review – Snow City

G. A. Kathryns is an award-winning author of novels and short stories. Her latest release Snow City is a novel of hope and magical realism.

Snow City is a dreamlike journey into the life of a woman who has given up on a dystopian reality and fabricated her idea of a perfect dream world. And then one day she wakes up in that fantasy world…

Her name is Echo Japonica, and she lives in Snow City. But she was not always Echo, and she did not always live in Snow City. Somewhere else, she was someone else, and it was to Snow City that she fled in order to escape a place and a self that had at last become intolerable.

For Snow City is a dream — Echo’s dream — of a better place, an idealized place, a place of both anonymity and fulfillment. It is, for Echo, a haven of peace, a refuge, a sanctuary.

But Snow City remains, nonetheless, a dream, and dreams, being such fragile things, can so easily shade into nightmare…

Snow City
G.A. Kathryns
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published February 10th 2017


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When I first read the synopsis, I was genuinely intrigued and excited to dive in. But… Snow City is not at all what I expected. To be fair and completely honest, the synopsis itself led me to believe I was entering one story when in-fact, it became something different – something very unexpected. Snow City was enjoyable, just not what I was expecting.

As for the cast of characters, admittedly I was first a bit put off by our protagonist Echo Japonica. I felt a bit uneasy getting acquainted with Echo but only at first. Yes, Echo is odd but that is her charm. Give her some time and she will surely grow on you, as she did for me. Her mannerisms, the way she speaks and her protective nature are all the things that make her special. And those unlikely friendships that blossom into meaningful relationships – they are the hope that ties everything together to make Snow City a place of sanctuary and peace.

G.A. Kathryns has written a fantasy book that oftentimes feels a bit poetic. I am intrigued by her writing style. Delving in to this space where death, religious cults, family, and unlikely friendships are at the forefront – I appreciate how Kathryns packages all these elements together in a story that is unlike any other I’ve read. Snow City is rich in creativity and uniqueness.

Admittedly, this book is a bit of a departure from books I typically will read but that does not take away from the fact that it is still very well written and quite interesting.

I gave Snow City 3/5 stars!

G.A. Kathryns grew up on the West Coast and later on moved to the drier and higher realms of the high plains. She currently makes her home in the Denver metro area where she shares the company of a spouse and two small dogs.

Along with SNOW CITY, she has written a Southern Gothic themed title, THE BORDERS OF LIFE (soon to be reissued in a revised, corrected, and updated version), several pedagogical works devoted to playing the harp, a number of short stories, and a collection of dark fiction.

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