• Breakfast poetry, practicing our flying, feeding the ducks, spending time with wonderful friends, stories & extra cuddles and closing out the evening with a Beach Boys dance party. That is a day well spent! 🧡
  • We don’t mind a little rain. Soggy weather is just a perfect excuse to put on our boots and splash around in the biggest, muddiest puddles we can find! Today, the deer even got some special treats from little miss.🧡
  • Little miss is absolutely smitten with spiders🕷. She is constantly on the lookout and has adopted her very own (imaginary) pet spider named Itsy.
I thought it might be fun to create a little spider play for those rainy days and also introduce her to one of her daddy’s books from his childhood.
  • How we do lazy days... 🍁
Books, nature baskets, baking, crafts and lots and lots of singing!! Today was a rainy, yet very cozy day. 🧡
  • Give a child a basket and the freedom to explore and she will return with more treasures than you can count! 🧡
  • I made a little family for little miss. She tends to like things better in 3’s... Mommy, Daddy and baby! Last night I gave her the pink doll, which she enjoyed only briefly. I am hoping that with the other two she will find them far more entertaining! 🤞🏼
  • Poetry, handmade puzzles and checking out our favorite finds from the last week... Today’s been a pretty fun day! 🧡
  • Alphabet Hunt!!! Our hunt was  inspired by @faerystudiesinstitute and the sweet alphabet hunt she had with alphabet coins. We had recently made alphabet stones and the weather was just right to seek out our letters! 🍂
Earlier today we scored a bunch of acorns and caps. I am already thinking of the fun things we can do with those! Caps for faery hats? Little houses? I can’t wait to see where our imagination takes us! 🧡
  • Little miss was planning to ride her bicycle but soon became enchanted by a butterfly. Then we had to hunt for walnuts. Then the spiders... Again, with those spiders!! 🧡🕷
On another fun note - I picked up Exploring Nature With Children from @raisinglittleshoots and I love it! Little miss is still very young and I am not really adhering to any curriculum right now but ENWC serves as an awesome guide for me. Plus, it can and will be used for many, many years to come! 🧡
  • It’s all about the discovery.
Today we made friends with a leaf bug, a spider, and some crickets. We studied lichen and a fuzzy caterpillar. 🐛 Our favorite? No question, the spiders! 🕷
  • To say that little miss is in love with the outdoors and collecting treasures is an understatement. If she had it her way, we would take in every daddy long-leg and cricket and unfortunate lanternfly (don’t let her see you squish them!!). 🌿
But honestly... I think I love it all as much as she does. And as much as I get sad to see her grow up so quickly, 2 going on 3 has been such a fun time for us! She’s finding her passion and it’s quite beautiful to witness. 💕
  • My love of poetry began at a very young age. The bird watching is a new love, surely inspired by Emily Dickinson who holds a special place in my heart. I thought I’d spend the morning with little miss, reading poetry and making a treat for the birdies. It was messy but incredibly fun!